Luanda Parrot Figurine

Luanda Parrot Figurine

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Delicately crafted from natural teak wood, this unique figurine perfectly captures the might and majesty of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. While the smooth surface is an eye-catcher all by itself, the prominent colorful coating of these impressive parrots help the figurines to unfold their full decorative potential . The combination of clean lines and abstract feather patterns will positively command attention and afterwards continue holding it. Presentzone’s Luanda Parrot Figurine is unquestionably a gift that will surpass expectations . Add these Luanda Parrot Figurine to your desk or table top surface and embrace the worldly aesthetic they bring to your living space! 


  • Material: Teak Wood
  • Measurement: 
    • Red: 3.9" x 13.8" (length x height)
    • Orange: 3.5" x 11.9" (length x height)